Dear America

To celebrate 4th of July, I did a few photoshoots and also I wrote a letter.  It made me so sad that the politics made people not want to celebrate the holiday this year.  Politics feel a lot like family drama: it can be embarrassing, especially with the rest of the world watching.  Yes, we as a country are struggling with certain issues.  At a time like this joy and celebration are more important than ever.  We are NOT bad children who need to be punished.  We are AMERICANS. We are good people. 

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Dear America,

Happy 246th Birthday! I hope you are doing okay! There sure is a LOT going on inside you lately!  I am saddened by all the negative messages people are posting about you on social media! Threatening to cancel your birthday?! Saying, YOU WERE BAD!!??

I know, right? I am asking the same thing: who exactly was bad here? Members of the government? Maybe. Just so you know, a lot has changed since you were born.  The word “politician” often has more negative connotations than positive, depending on who you ask.  I am embarrassed and frustrated and annoyed by all the bickering among American citizens.

One huge problem is this “us versus them” mentality: Republican/Democrat, Man/Woman, Gay/Straight, Black/White…it is very unhealthy.  There are so many different shades of color!

Thinking in terms of polar absolutes (“black and white thinking”) has caused me a lot of unnecessary struggling.  I see this happening on a national scale.  It seems like we are spending too much time trying to convince the other side to agree with us that we are missing the point: we are arguing with each other! Stop it!! We are all on the same side!!!


I have good news for you that will cheer you up: I am volunteering to be your mascot!  I am here to help be a voice of reason.  I am on everyone’s side.  While some may say that is unrealistic, I believe it is possible for some people.  In the case of disagreements, it is often necessary to have a mediator.  I am prepared to join the crew of those who help mediate.

I already have gotten started.  You see, I entered this competition to be on the cover of Maxim magazine.  Winning this competition will help give me a larger platform to share my positivity.  The world needs more voices of kindness and goodness.  Click this link to vote for me!

I am the perfect choice for this!  I have a lot of skills and talents, modeling is just one of them.  I consider it one of the many sub-descriptors under the Artist umbrella.  As an artist, one of my favorite mediums is photography.  As a photographer, I am my favorite model.  I also love taking pictures of fireworks, animals, and nice people.  Variety is one of my specialties, and not just in photography.  I love to paint, draw, knit, tie-dye and I have also done a little sewing and embroidery.  

After years of being stubbornly kind I refuse to give up.  I insist the world needs more of it.  More kindness, love, nurture, caring, understanding. And less: violence, hate, joy-sucking, negativity.  Fame is a platform for anything.  It is the responsibility of those people who have a large audience to use that platform in a positive way.  

I understand pretty people often get preferential treatment.  It just happens that people are extra nice to cute and pretty things.  I am lucky enough to be a cute and pretty thing that gets this special treatment.  While I do a lot to maintain my physical self, a lot of it was gifted to me by my parents.  I decided it is my duty to pay forward this extra nice treatment and attitude.  I like to hand out compliments and smiles and stickers and candy wherever I go.  

You can depend on me to promote honesty and kindness and understanding.  As an artist there are so many ways I can communicate these things.  I also have experience in writing.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in English.  My goal actually used to be to write the Next Great American Novel (it is capitalized like that in my head).  Luckily I have learned a lot about goal setting since then.  I have shifted my focus in order to use my best skills to make the world a better place.

I hope this letter has comforted you, even for a moment.  I am in this with you. We are all part of the same dysfunctional family.  Let us all just stop yelling at each other for a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Ask someone you trust for a hug.  Give yourself a hug: either literally with your own arms (seriously! It feels good!) or figuratively by doing something nice for yourself.  Do something you enjoy.  Find something that will make you laugh.  

As a sometimes anxious person, I have heard the words "calm down" a lot.  I will leave you with this tip.  If someone around you is freaking out, do not tell them to calm down.  Instead, suggest an action that the person can do (such as taking a deep breath or a walk or any other healthy relaxing activity).

I can’t wait to show you what else I am going to create! 


Max Duckworth


ps. as promised, photos from my body paint shoot! Do these count as NSFW?!????