Blog Post #2

Oops it has been a while, once again.  Time to put on my Nikes (you know, Just Do It!!). So here I am! 

I've been wanting to post these photos on Instagram for a few weeks and keep putting it off for some reason.  I want to establish a more consistent presence online, but flooding hours of work into Instagram feels decreasingly effective.  So I am changing the focus of my approach.  I am spending the time crafting a blog post for my website and using the bones of it to make a post for Instagram.

What do you think of these crazy edits I did on these pictures?  I took the edits I had made to an abstract photo, just to see what it might look like on a portrait.  I was pleasantly surprised! 

I originally chose Instagram as one of my primary platforms because I enjoyed the image-centered browsing experience and of course it made sense for me as a photographer.  Then the powers that be decided reels were the new thing.  The shift was uncomfortable for me at first, but lately I have been trying to embrace it.

Lately I have been focusing on having fun and worrying less about the algorithm.  Can you tell?  Some of the reels I have made are silly and all of them are flawed in some way but I am getting over the need to be perfect.

I stumbled into the entrepreneur world in 2018 and quickly realized that starting a business was more challenging than I had anticipated.  This has actually helped me embrace my imperfections and improve my ability to ask for help.  In these years of my business’s infancy, I am taking some time to just listen.  There are so many tools and platforms to choose from.  

And there is the Max element to consider! I have learned I need variety as much as I need consistency. Luckily I own the business so I can do what I want! That is the double-edged sword of entrepreneur life: You are the boss you get to make all the decisions (whether you like it or not)!

People have consistently said that having a business on one's own domain is a smart choice because I am not controlled by another company's fees and policies.  So here I am, posting on my website! I have been busy lately! Want to know what I have been upto? I am dying to share, actually! 

I am going to use that energy to help carry me to blog post #3!

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Have a great weekend!

Xoxo Max